Yoga at The REC

Trigg Skoe


By Carly McGowan


The Mind/Body (yoga) Program at the CSU Rec center has become a sort of haven for myself and, certainly, for many others. Step through the door of Studio 4, and you may even feel the energy. Stay and attend a class, and you will walk away changed. The yoga program at the Rec center has created and continues to hold space for each and every one of us to come back to the support beneath us, the stillness within us, and the breath that connects us. For some, attending yoga classes at the rec is an act of self care. For others, it is a chance to tap into physical energy. For others still, it is an opportunity to find clarity—mentally, emotionally, or otherwise, in an unclear world. For me, teaching and attending yoga classes is all of the above, and more. Next time you find yourself in a crushing moment of anxiety, or craving headspace to process your day, or even if you simply get bored, find your way to Studio 4.