Yoga, A Life Journey

Trigg Skoe


By CSU Alumni Alisha Johnson


Yoga the practice of mind, body, and spirit is an ancient practice that originated in India. Today, it is practiced all over the United States and has transformed lives based on the holistic practice of incorporating breath and movement. Different types of yoga include Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram and more. Yoga is journey and not a destination. A journey of exploring an imperfect practice.

Photo| Alisha Johnson

Last year I reached a plateau and realized that I viewed yoga as purely a workout and felt like something was missing. Originally, I would attend as many classes as possible and felt a lack of spiritual connection. In my journey today, yoga is life. I constantly remind myself daily to breathe and let go. Completing my Yoga Teacher Training through Root to Rise here in Fort Collins has transformed my mind, body, and spirit connection. The purpose of yoga to me is to leave the ego and transcend into a state of curiosity and exploration.

Our society moves at such a fast pace. Baron Baptiste, a well known yoga practitioner states “As a culture, we are uber-active, always trying to reach somewhere. The irony is that for the most part, nobody knows exactly where they are trying to reach. We’re obsessed with trying to get better and faster to get there, without really knowing exactly where ‘there’ is”.  As a society many times we obsess over the past or the future. However, embracing the present moment through stillness and meditation can also bring clarity and ease to our busy lives. Hence, yoga is also about sitting in stillness and listening to the rise and fall of one’s breath. I challenge you to close your eyes right now and take five deep, slow breaths. How do you feel compared to before?

The purpose of yoga is for you to discover and experience the practice for yourself. Whether it is through movement or meditation, yoga is for everyone. Yoga is a path towards holistic living and connecting to oneself on a deeper level, yoga is a way of life.