Top 5 Local Fishing Locations

Trigg Skoe


By Michael Berg


Poudre Canyon: Located just 20 minutes north of campus is the only National Wild and Scenic River in Colorado. The Poudre River meanders through roughly 50 miles of the canyon, all of which is easily accessible from the main road.

Michael Berg holds a rainbow trout caught on the Poudre River in town. (Britta Shafer)

Poudre River- In Town: If you have the itch to do some fishing, but don’t have a lot of time, there are some great fishing spots in town that you can access. One of my favorite spots to go on the Poudre River is near the CSU Environmental Learning Center. Here, you will find plenty of bends and holes in the river to keep you busy for hours. The rainbow and brown trout here range in all sizes, so you can find large fish if you are persistent and looking in the right places.

South Platte- Dream Stream: Located northwest of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak is a stream notorious for its large rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. Beat the Denver traffic and crowds by waking up early to get there in time for the “morning bite.”

Michael Berg fly fishes on the Poudre River in town. (Britta Shafer)

North Platte- Grey Reef: The North Platte in Wyoming offers some of the best fishing destinations in the region. Grey Reef is one of the best sections of the river to fish in the fall, producing huge rainbow and brown trout that are worth the time and effort.

North Platte- Miracle Mile: Located southwest of Grey Reef, you will find arguably the best section of the North Platte to fish. This is a popular destination that draws people from around the region because of the large rainbow and brown trout.

For more information about fishing conditions, gear, and guide services visit these local shops: St. Peter’s Fly Shop, Jax Outdoor Gear, Betty’s Bait and Tackle, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Get active and get outside!