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Meghan McNulty


Highline in Moab| Meghan McNulty

The whippers were too addictive to stay away. Around three years ago my older brother, Michael, and a few of his friends forced me out on a line. I fell in love with that adrenaline rush of dangling over a canyon sometimes 100’s of feet tall with nothing around you except the line. Highlining gives me a euphoric feeling along with a sense of peace while floating in the air keeping your balance.

Highlining is an emerging sport along with slacklining, but it is much more extreme. Beware the of the dangers that follow with this sport because you are dangling in the air. Don’t let the danger intimidate you though, if you have the chance to do this with correct gear and highly experienced people it can be a great time. Each area is different with rigging and dangers so make sure you and your crew are knowledgeable.

The first time I was convinced to step out on a highline was in Moab. I didn’t consider myself to be afraid of heights until I finished my slide and realized I was 400 feet above the net ledge and 1000 feet to the canyon floor. I felt fear take control of my body and my hand was clenching the line until my knuckles were white. I calmed myself when I became aware of my cramping forearm. I checked my knot and my harness about 500 times and began the movement up. After my first few fat whippers I started feeling much more trust in my knot and gear. Now those moments are the most freeing and exciting moments of my life.