Climbing the Horsetooth Area

Trigg Skoe


By CSU Alum Karen Gilbert



CSU Climbing coach and sophomore communications student Anna Kelly extends her passion for climbing to others. (Photo courtesy of Anna Kelly)

Horsetooth Reservoir is the closest and most easily accessible climbing area near Fort Collins. It has several climbing areas including Rotary Park, Duncan’s Ridge, Piano Keys. Rotary Park is the most popular climbing area in the location, providing bouldering for all levels of climbers. There are a few top rope sections however this hangout is mostly dedicated to bouldering. If top roping or traditional climbing is what you are looking for, then head to Duncan’s Ridge where you will find plenty of routes for beginner/intermediate climbers. Last but not least, the Piano Keys bouldering spot offers more rope less climbing routes ranked for easy to moderate levels. Visiting Horsetooth during the summer months should be approached with caution, as the heat during the day can lead to difficult climbing conditions. Early in the morning or later in the afternoon are the best times to climb for summer. However, during the fall, winter, and spring, Horsetooth is an ideal place to climb between/after classes or on your day off. Enjoy the climb!