Endurance Athlete Gives New Meaning to Running Joke

Mike Berg

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Run 65- 70 miles per week, develop a one person comedy act that you will take on the road, qualify for the Olympic trials, how’s that for a To Do list?  If you are Brittany Charboneau it is all in a day’s work.


Charboneau, whose Insta handle is @funnyrunner26.2, is chasing a dream.  She is a distance runner sponsored by Otter Box who also performs in a number of improv groups while developing her own one person show.

Brittany began running in middle school and credits her first coaches for “keeping it fun” so she never lost the desire to continue training.  Even after suffering a stress fracture in her pelvis four years ago, Charboneau kept plugging away. And now she is beginning to reap the rewards of following her passion.  In the fall of 2017, she won the Colfax Marathon in a record time of 2:52 and is hoping to qualify for the Olympic Trials at the Los Angeles Marathon next month.  

In between training runs Charboneau pursues her other passion: comedy.  While working for OtterBox in their field marketing department in Chicago, she began working with a number of improv troupes. She is currently developing a one person show that  is scheduled to open at the Bovine Metropolis, a Denver theater dedicated to improv, in June of this year.  

Wanting just a small percentage of her drive and energy, I asked this 29 year old diminutive dynamo for some of her training tips as she prepares for the Disney Princess 10k in Orlando.

Brittany Charboneau, pictured here with her husband, had the second fastest overall time and fastest women’s time (37.03!) in the Disney Princess 10k on Sat. Feb. 24 in Orlando. Photo provided by Brittany Charboneau.