A Perfect Partnership: Colorado and Endurance Training

Josiah Cuckler

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By Josiah Cuckler


Endurance sports have a long history and contribute to leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re running a marathon and trying to get a new personal record, or just jogging the Bolder Boulder 10k with a beer in both hands, there are many benefits of endurance sports and physical activity. People all over Colorado challenge themselves and the people around them in endurance capability. It’s just a little bit of Colorado culture. With Colorado being one of the fittest states in America, I think that everyone has had at least a little exposure to endurance sports/physical activity.

As a nutrition major at CSU, I am exposed to fitness and overall health constantly. The best part is, that everyone can benefit from physical activity and endurance sports. Whether it be running, biking, or just sprinting to the 8am class you are late for, there are numerous benefits of keeping your body moving.

As a side note, everyone’s body is a little different in fitness capability and for those who haven’t indulged in the exhausting but rewarding nature of endurance physical activity, I would advise to start small and work your way up. ACSM (American college of sports medicine) advises at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week (this is the minimum amount of time). The intensity of exercise is defined by your heart rate during the specified exercise. I’d advise checking out ACSM and researching what is right for you.

Fitness allows you to transform your physical and mental state and be the best version of you. It acts as a way to relieve stress and clear your mind when a lot of things in life are not so clear. There are a lot of factors that have lead to the rising obesity rates in the United States. It is an ongoing dilemma that affects our healthcare system, the next generation, and a dozen more critical issues. It is not my intention to point fingers and call our country lazy, but instead to educate the public on the benefits of physical activity and more specifically, cardiovascular training through endurance activity and sports.

My reason for getting into endurance activity is the challenge it presents, and the calming effect it has. It allows me to clear my mind and reduce all the stress associated with school, having a job, and figuring out how to pay for groceries next month. I am by no means a professional athlete, but I have found a passion in exercise and well-being. I promote exercise and overall physical activity because of the proven health benefits, and the self-discipline it creates.

There are a lot of exercises that aren’t for me. Find what makes you feel good and promotes a challenge. Everyone is going to be at a different point in their development. Depending on what you want, it might take a whole lot of time and will to get what you want.

The good news is that you are in Colorado, which is heavily influenced by cycling fanatics, spartan racers, swimmers, and people that run a ridiculous number of marathons. This is a good place to be when it comes to exercise and being active. There are a lot of people that can help you along the way and help figure out what kind of stuff you might like best. On top of it all, Colorado has an Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, which shows our cultural desire to be fit.

So, get out there and contribute to your health. Allow physical activity and the numerous endurance sports to act as a conduit to be more disciplined and better yourself. Help teach the next generation the benefits of exercise and to enjoy themselves while doing it.

About the Author


Josiah Cuckler is a 21 year old senior Nutrition and Dietetics major whose favorite endurance training is cycling/biking.