Fort Collins Focus: March 2020

Anna von

The Fort Collins Focus is a half-page image printed in every copy of The Rocky Mountain Collegian and published online during normal the publication schedule. The focus section was established as a place for Collegian photographers to report on the community and its members in a photojournalistic format.

hiker crossing bridge
Lloyd Drew hikes towards the Devil’s Backbone trail head in Loveland March 16. Drew moved from Indiana to Colorado four years ago and his favorite trail is Bobcat Ridge, Devil’s Backbone being his second favorite. “I think a lot more people are hiking at Devil’s Backbone today than usual, but I think it is partly because schools are closed, because of spring break, and the virus,” said Drew. “I think hiking is a good thing for children to do now to help prevent spread of the virus because they are outdoors instead of indoors with a group of people.” (Anna von Pechmann | The Collegian)
person spikes a ball on a net
Payton Boyles plays Spikeball on the intramural fields before leaving for Spring Break March 11. “It is beautiful out,” Boyles said. “(I’m) trying to enjoy the weather while we’re still here.” (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)
Benjamin Basow, a graduate student in economics, works on an assignment in his office at Colorado State University. Ben, as he is commonly called, is a first-year Ph.D. student in the department of economics at CSU. “It helps me in my test preparations and constantly reexposes me to the relevant study material,” Basow said, talking about the array of notes on his wall. “And it feels comfortable being around things which are familiar.” (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)
Man making jewelry
Fort Collins resident Bryson makes pendants from copper and gemstones in Old Town March 5. Bryson has been making these pendants for about nine months, each one taking about an hour to make. He starts off by weaving two different gauges of copper wire together that are later used to hold the stone in place. He buys and trades stones through local shops and thrift stores before making them into jewelry. (Skyler Pradhan | The Collegian)
Twenty-year-old Fort Collins resident Bradey Monroe attempts an indy grab at Edora Skate Park. Monroe started skateboarding 1 1/2 years ago when he started working as a contractor and his coworkers, who all skateboarded, made him interested in the sport. “It’s the reward of landing those tricks,” Monroe said. “Like I said, it’s that mind game. You have to really tell yourself to get it, and then when you actually do get it, it’s that feeling. It’s kind of surreal. … You just can’t describe it.” (Lucy Morantz | The Collegian)


The photographers can be reached at or on Twitter @CSUCollegian.