Green Report: Governor Hickenlooper may reject pot clubs in Denver

Zach Bermejo

Remember that story about social use pot clubs maybe coming to Denver? Sounded like a cool idea, right?

Governor Hickenlooper doesn’t think so.


He has pledged to veto the measure that would allow pot clubs to exist with local approval. Hickenlooper does not seem to care that the measure won preliminary approval in the Colorado state Senate on Wednesday.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Why does the governor want to call it quits on pot clubs?

Well, he is a little spooked by a warning that was given from the feds. Hickenlooper does not want to see a crackdown. Something like that may look bad for the state and make his job harder, or some shit.

“We went to an amazing amount of trouble to say that we are not going to have smoking in workplaces in Colorado,” said Hickenlooper, who also suggested that allowing pot smoke inside is a “crack in the door.”

Pot clubs aren’t the only thing that has Hickenlooper worried. He also expressed some concern about the bill that would potentially allow home-delivery service for weed.

“Given the uncertainty in Washington, this is not the time to be…trying to carve off new turf and expand markets and make dramatic statements about marijuana,” said Hickenlooper. “The federal government can yield a pretty heavy hand on this and I think we should be doing everything we can to demonstrate…we are being responsible in how we implement the will of our voters.”

A veto seems to be hinted at for home-delivery weed, but the bill that would allow the service received also received a Senate committee’s approval.

It is looking like the Trump administration’s words have carried some weight with them. If the governor of Colorado is hesitant to move forward with any new marijuana legislation, what does it mean for other newly legalized states? Will others start backing down on plans as well?

Maybe all this can be tempered a bit when Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman finally meets with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and shows him that the state knows how to handle its shit.