Green Report: Review of 2016’s marijuana news

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Colorado earned a lot of money from weed in 2016. In more weed politics, Governor Hickenlooper made a visit to the sunshine state to discuss policy and the elusive Pot Sasquatch was caught on video. Here is a overview of important marijuana news from 2016:

Huge Colorado Pot Sales in 2016


The results are in: Colorado made $1.3 billion in marijuana sales in 2016!


In eight of the twelve months, monthly revenue for marijuana was $100 million. This trend of people buying a lot of weed is expected to continue, according to experts.

Marijuana Funded Scholarship

Seeing the huge amount of money coming in from marijuana, Pueblo County has used the taxes from weed to fund a college scholarship.

The board of commissioners for Pueblo County gave the green light for a contract that will create a nearly $475,000 scholarship fund for local high school seniors. The majority of that money came from the excise tax collections from marijuana cultivation.

To qualify for the scholarship, a student has to be a graduating senior in 2017, live in Pueblo County, and either attend Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University in the fall of 2017.

About 300 to 400 high school seniors go on to attend Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University each year. With this scholarship, there is no set limit for what a student could be awarded, but the estimations are that it could be greater than $1000 per student.

But hopefully those kids don’t try to blow it all on weed once they hit campus.

Our Governor Warns California


Governor Hickenlooper testified in front of the California state senate Tuesday afternoon about the problems with pot.

Hickenlooper more or less warned the state to not be stupid with how they roll out retail cannabis next year. He cited Colorado’s own problems with marijuana, specifically with the ‘grey market’ of homegrown marijuana and its legal ambiguity.

When asked about if the federal government will jump in to ruin the fun on legal weed, the governor said that he is optimistic that President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will “let this experiment continue.”

Who knows what that means.

First Sighting of Pot Sasquatch

In Springfield, Massachusetts, the fabled Pot Sasquatch came by to visit during a reporter’s live shot.

Screenshot of the mysterious Pot Sasquatch during a winter storm in Springfield, Massachusetts.

During a weather report of a winter snowstorm, someone dressed in a very intricate marijuana costume lurked about in the background.

The creature showed no signs of aggression and was probably just a little bit too faded, as evidenced by it tripping numerous times in the snow. Actual, physical tripping. Not the other kind.

Scientists have yet to capture a Pot Sasquatch, but this sighting confirms the existence of such a creature. However, experts are puzzled as to why a giant weed monster would find itself in such a cold environment when it already has plenty of chill.


The most dedicated of cannabis connoisseurs will always have a nug at their fingertips. But what about having a nug IN your fingertips?

Well, that’s what some Californians are doing with weednails, which involves getting a manicure with little bits of the plant tacked on.

It is quite the current trend, but some may argue it is just a waste of a few good puffs just to look fashionable.

But it’s like the old saying goes: beauty comes at a cost of an ounce, or something like that.