Puffin’ with Paul: Blueberry Haze

Paul Kolinski

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


Here we are again, reviewing another Organic Alternatives concentrate.

The last feature was a White Killer Chem Sugar Wax that left me satisfied but craving a bit more. After reviewing this week’s concentrate, I am proud to announce that the Blueberry Haze sits atop my personal list of favorites.

This concentrate features an extremely transparent and amber colored appearance. I noticed the perfect amber hues when unboxing this concentrate, as they are notable to say the least. Organic Alternative’s clean-cut packaging houses a translucent chamber containing clean-cut pieces of the semi-stable concentrate. About five to six of these centimeter sized squares lay stacked upon one another. The semi-stable texture allowed me to peel pieces off one layer at a time without losing any in the process.


A slightly sour, slightly fruity aroma subtly compliments the concentrate at room temperature, without being too pungent. The Blueberry Haze does become very pungent when dabbed, as sour and earthy tones dominate the sensory experience. Strong Sativa effects from the Haze genetics are nicely balanced by the Indica dominant Blueberry phenotype. The relaxation and body buzz from the Blueberry compliment the cerebral effects of the Sativa dominant Haze phenotype. The high THC percentage in this concentrate tops our review charts at an impressive 77.3%. Upon initial taste, the flavor profile seemed to contain lots of gassy terpenes similar to diesel strains. More investigation led me to the conclusion that the sourness I mistook for diesel came from the haze. The more I had, the more I enjoyed the flavor profile it brought to the table (not to mention the ‘blue’ flavor profile present – a flavor which I cannot describe any better).


Last, but certainly not least, comes the featured piece from Kind Creations. Once made locally here in Fort Collins, PukinBeagle glass currently hosts his shop out of Denver, CO. While the artist originally started blowing scientific laboratory spec equipment, the owner of Kind Creations recalls the day when they both worked together. This is when PukinBeagle was introduced to the artistic side of glass in marijuana culture.

I was setup with one of his latest dab rigs, “Lil’ Drifter”, a 14mm female rig fitted with a 14mm male banger. The rig comes standard with a four hole fixed down-stem and is so small, it will fit in the palm of one’s hand with ease. If you do hold one in your hand, be careful as it functions with such motion that it could easily slip away. I would definitely recommend this piece for anyone on a budget ($180) and would make sure to also observe the steal of a deal on the Blueberry Haze, at $60 a gram – which is allotted a deserving nine and a half leaves out of ten.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this edition of Puffin’ with Paul. Look out for the next installment on collegian.com and in the Collegian October 20th.

Collegian Marijuana Critic Paul Kolinski can be reached online at blogs@collegian.com or on Twitter @paulkolinski.