Nightlife: Geeks Who Drink

Anna Hoover

I pride myself on knowing a certain set of useless facts, such as what kind of car Sam and Dean Winchester drive in Supernatural, so I consider myself a geek. However, there are so many kinds of geeks (physics, film, math, etc.), and Geeks Who Drink welcomes them all in a drinking trivia game.

Dean’s ’67 Chevy Impala from Supernatural (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Geeks Who Drink is an organization that has “quiz masters” that go to bars and restaurants and facilitate the trivia quiz, which has several rounds of themed questions. Each team is limited to 6 members that can work together (without phones or notes to cheat with) and answer each of the trivia questions.


There are several locations that host Geeks Who Drink, in many cities across the nation. You can also offer to become a quizmaster and add a location to their list of available weekly events. For a list of locations in Fort Collins, visit their website and search for the quiz schedules (the location finder is at the top in a drop down menu). Starting Halloween, there are 9 locations for weekly Geeks Who Drink.

Geeks Who Drink also has some special-themed events that occur at several locations. The one I’m most excited for is Pudding! — a Supernatural quiz event [if you don’t get the pudding! reference, rewatch season 3]. As their website says, “join the revolution, wiseass” and experience Geeks Who Drink, a new way to play trivia — with alcohol.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 9.40.44 AM.png
Screenshot of Geek Who Drink Website, showcasing Pudding! (Photo courtesy of


Last Monday night, I went to Beaujo’s Pizza and was pleasantly surprised by the experience, even though I didn’t have a wingman or team. Although I completely bombed overall, as there were some of the rounds I didn’t know and I didn’t have any help, I still had a lot of fun. Some of the rounds were guessing song artists and titles, mashing movie quotes and songs to make sense, or using clues to create two words that were the same but the second word had to have the letter “D” (called “D” round, no surprise).

Let’s not forget about the alcohol. Everyone who gets a table was first asked what they would like to drink from their waiter, and the quizmaster encouraged everyone to “make sure they have an adult drink in front of them” before it began. Although I didn’t get one because I had to drive home, Beaujo’s Pizza has a drink called the Denver Zoo, and I feel I need to go back and have one since I worked at the Denver Zoo for several years.

The most popular drink type for participants was various beers. Between rounds, the quizmaster had several bonus rounds, with the winner getting a free beer (this could have been special to the Beaujo’s Pizza event, but it’s worth investigating elsewhere). After only ten seconds to answer the bonus question, the winner was picked out of a pitcher so, sadly, I did not win a free beer.

Craft beers are a great option for Geeks who Drink events (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

I feel like Geeks Who Drink, although entertaining by myself, would be much better in a group– I would recommend at least three people. Then you have a quiz partner and someone to talk to during the breaks while the quizmaster grades the answer cards. So, if anybody wants to join my Supernatural team for Pudding! on Wednesday evening, Oct. 26th. Send me a tweet @Hoovanna17 and I’ll see you there.

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