Bottoms Up: Black Bottle Brewery

Ashley Haberman

black bottle brewery
Black Bottle Brewery (Photo courtesy of the Collegian Archives)

Ever wonder where the beer from the pure, black tap shaped like a bottle comes from? Well, if you’re a beer connoisseur, Black Bottle Brewery is one of Fort Collins unique local breweries with a huge variety of tap brews and is known for their potent and exceptional craft brews that will satisfy any enthusiast’s tastebuds.

With the changing seasons, any top brewery will pair their seasonal hearty beers with the time of year. Black Bottle does a great job at this by changing up their selection.


There Goes The Neighborhood, Black Bottle’s Belgian Rye Saison is a pale, crisp, and strong Belgian that leaves a lingering dry finish.

The Static Age, Black Bottle’s hazelnut breakfast stout, is a genuine dark, full-bodied, roast ale with a filling oatmeal essence.

Death From Above is one of Black Bottle’s darker seasonal German-style lagers with an even roasted, polished malt flavors and mellow acidity.

The loud and crowded restaurant is usually packed, but the elongated bar usually allows for open seats to watch the game or snack on appetizers with old friends at any time of day. The friendly faces behind the bar are always happy to lend a helping hand to pick from their huge list of beers.

A Fort Collins must, Black Bottle provides a fun environment to eat, drink and laugh for any casual occasion.

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