As Told By Tam: Surviving the first week

Tamra Smalewitz

Welcome back Rams!! It feels as though we just left for summer, and yet here we are, already back on campus buying our textbooks and starting our homework. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, the first week back can be hectic and make one feel as though they are already drowning in work.

I just started my senior year at CSU and feel as though I have so much homework to be done for my first week back. While some of my friends are hitting the Skellar or going to Sundance, I am in my room working on papers and tons of reading assigned on the first day of school.


Below are some tips on how to not feel overwhelmed the first week back at school.

1. Make a Schedule

Collect the syllabi you received for every class, sit down and fill out your calendar with due dates of every assignment. If you are a color coder, like me, then color code the classes so you know what you need to have done for what class on what day. This will save you from feeling like you do not know when anything is due. It also helps you get ahead on work if you get things crossed off your calendar before they are due.

2. Get to Know the Professor

Meet your professors by either sending them a formal email introducing yourself or, before or after class, walk up and introduce yourself to them. The more your professor knows you, the better chances you have at getting help from them throughout the semester. It also shows them that you want to be in their class and care about succeeding, so they may think more highly of you.

3. Work in Order

Lay out all of your assignments and see what is due first and what is due later, then work on them in that order. This helps you take control of your projects and will make you feel better about having all these assignments to already work on.

4. Breathe!

Take a deep breath!! It is only the first week of school and things will slow down. Sometimes assignments may amp up for a month or slow down for a month. You will have a break sometime soon, so just make sure to get plenty of sleep and food so that you are prepared to take on whatever is being thrown at you.

Do not overthink the first week of school, because things will get better and you will be able to get a better hold of your schedule the more you go along the semester. Good luck and have a great semester Rams!

Collegian writer Tamra Smalewitz can be reached at or on Twitter at @tamrasmalewitz.