Proposed rewrite of tourist marijuana law in Colorado

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo credit: YouTube)
(Photo credit: YouTube)

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado a tiered purchasing system has been enforced. According to the Denver Post, if a new bill gains enough support tourists will be able to purchase just as much marijuana as locals.

As of now dispensaries are only allowed to sell adults who are 21 and older without Colorado identification a quad at a time. However, locals can purchase up to an ounce. 


The limit was initially designed to prevent tourists from carrying Colorado marijuana over state boundaries. Lawmakers argue that legal marijuana is not the source of trafficking out of state, but instead illegal growers are supporting this operation. 

The measure has already been approved in the House and will now be sent to the Senate for a final vote. An initial Senate committee gave the legislation a thumbs up Wednesday. To read more about the new bill, check out the full story.

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