Green Report: VA doctors may soon legally recommend medical marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo credit: Flickr)
(Photo credit: Flickr)

Congress approved a new Veterans’ Affairs spending measure that would legalize medical marijuana consultation between VA doctors and patients. According to The Daily Chronic, the bill was passed in the House, 295 to 129, on Thursday.

Robert Capecchi, the director of federal policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, argues that prohibiting a medical marijuana recommendation has done nothing to help U.S. veterans.


“Current VA policy is preventing physicians from thoroughly monitoring patients’ medication decisions and engaging in frank conversations about available treatment options,” Capecchi said. “It dramatically undermines the doctor-patient relationship.”

This new legislation will only apply to states that have already legalized medical marijuana. It does not allow VA doctors to provide patients with cannabis or to cover costs associated with the prescription.

If the measure is approved in the Senate next week, it will be enacted. To read more about the proposed amendment, check out the full story

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