Green Report: Louisiana expands developing medical marijuana program

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo credit: WIkipedia)
(Photo credit: WIkipedia)

A program to regulate medical marijuana in Louisiana that was drafted last year has undergone regulatory hiccups that have prevented it from immediately taking action. According to the Denver Post, a new bill, which passed 22 to 14 on Monday, will expand the program and speed up the process.

Republican Sen. Fred Mills wrote the bill after he began to understand the suffering of many families without access to medical marijuana. Gov. John Bel Edwards has already shown his support for the new measure and told the public he will sign it. 


At the final legislative hearing, many people shared personal stories of their own or their child’s experiences with medical cannabis. The situations varied from seizure suppression to pain relief, but ultimately the senators agreed to pass the bill.

The expansion of the current medical marijuana industry framework will include additions to the list of qualifying conditions for people to obtain medical cards. To read more about the new measure, check out the full article.

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