5 places to get tattoos over the summer

Sarah Ross

Rose Thigh Tattoo (via Flickr)

It seems like the warm weather is here to stay, and as summer approaches, it’s time to break out the crop tops and short shorts. With all the extra skin to show off, why not get some new ink to flaunt? Here are the best places to get a tattoo during the summer.

  1. Thigh Thigh tattoos are great because they can be really understated and elegant, or they can be large and intricate. You can also have it on the front of your thigh, or on the side facing out. The best perk is that if it’s something personal, you can where knee-long shorts and skirts to cover it for interviews, jobs, etc. 
  2. Lower Back/Stomach – Although the lower back tattoo is often seen as trashy or cliche, there are lots of ways to do it and make it look classy. Also, the only option isn’t one big tattoo above your pants line, you can also do smaller tattoos in the middle or either side. If the back of the stomach isn’t for you, having some on your stomach on either side looks just as cute. 

    Tribal Shoulder Ink (via Flickr)
  3. Shoulder –  Shoulder tattoos can be very pretty and intricate, but they are also easy to hide in the winter. With sleeveless dresses and tanks for girls, or just going shirtless for guys, it’s the perfect time to show that ink to the world. You can have it on your shoulder blade, upper shoulders, or where your arm and shoulder meet, leaving lots of space to be creative. 
  4. Foot – Boot be gone, hello sandals. Although ankle and foot tattoos are often more painful to get, there are lots of options out there on sizes, shapes and designs now that they are becoming more popular. 

    Angel Wings (via Deviant Art)
  5. Upper Back – This is where we have been seeing the most complicated tattoos. Whether it is upper back or full back designs like Adam Levine’s awesome mermaid mural-style tattoo, the upper back is often a great canvas that is also easy to hide when needed, but fun to show off in the warmer months of summer. 

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo this summer, remember, avoid sun for the first week and always apply sunscreen to the tattoo after that. Ink areas can still burn. 


Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Where would you get it? Let us know in the comments!!

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