5 alternatives to “Finals Frustration”

Sarah Ross

Dead week is upon us, and it feels like everyone I know is burned out. What I like to call “Finals Frustration” has set in: you’re frustrated at yourself for not being more put together by now, you’re frustrated at your professors for giving you so much work (don’t they know you have 4 other classes?), you’re frustrated at your parents for pushing for you to make summer plans, you’re frustrated at your friends for not having more time to listen to your frustration. Everything is irritating. So instead of falling into this funk, here are some things to try to help you clear your mind and go into finals week happy and calm (we know being excited may be too much to ask). 

Yoga (via Flickr)
  1. Do yoga or meditate – These really help both your health and your immediate mental state. All you have to do is download an app (I recommend Calm or Stop, Breathe, Think for guided meditations) or look up a YouTube video, and you’ll be on your way to peaceful bliss.
  2. Go for a walk – Although we’ve been getting some dreary weather, it is spring time. With a light jacket, some good shoes, and an umbrella, getting outside in the fresh air may help you tremendously. The best part is you could walk for 10 minutes around the block, or an hour to the park and back, and you’ll get the same benefits. It fits in every schedule and is guaranteed to make you feel better. 
  3. Have a night out – Sometimes it’s good to just run away from your responsibilities and get out. Put down the dishes, let your room be messy, and read those ten pages later. Hit up the movies, a nice restaurant downtown, or whatever your heart desires. Sometimes just getting out of the room feels better. 
    At home chilling (via Flickr)
  4. Have a night in – Sometimes getting out is good, but sometimes staying in is just as great. Instead of those chores, kick back with a book or a movie, a beverage of your choice, maybe some hot cookies and some blankets, and before you know it, you’ll be relaxed and feeling like yourself. Just try not to start something that can’t be put aside when studying comes along. 
  5. Spend a night with someone you love – Maybe it’s your partner. Maybe it’s your best friend. Maybe it’s your cat. Love is one of the best medicines (I know, cheesy), so grab someone to cuddle and feel that stress melt away. 

Are you stressed for finals? What do you do to deal with it? Let us know in the comments!!


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