Met Gala party-planning tips

Sarah Hansen

(Screen grab: YouTube)

A film called “The First Monday in May” had it’s debut last week. It is all about the theatrical production that is putting on the Met Gala. Yes, the legend Anna Wintour, compared the planning process of the event to the theater in this new article from Vogue. It includes setting the stage, the clothing, artwork and of course the over the top party. The Met Gala couldn’t be compared to anything else with the hundreds of people and days it takes to put it on.

People are dying to put on an event with as much elegance and taste as this. Although, no other event will ever compare to the Met Gala, there are a few tips and tricks to making it as successful. Here’s a few ideas to think about when planning:


Keep the guest count conservative.

You are going to be tempted to invited every big name in town and everyone you know. However, you should stay away from doing so. Inviting too many people will make your event seem crowded. It will also make your guests feel more important if fewer people are invited. Invite those who are near and dear to your heart and also the most influential people in your community. That’s it.

Be strategic with the seating.

Yes, it’s easy to just seat people next to other people they know, but that’s so boring. Try mixing things up a little. Sit them next to people with similar interests, or even people with completely different interests for intriguing conversation. If you are somebody who already does this, then you should try switching things up every year, so guests don’t sit next to the same person. It’s these small details that will make your guests leave excited or bored.

Ask guests to be mindful of their cell phones at the dinner table.

You don’t need to be afraid of  asking your guests to adhere to a certain behavior while at your event. You can do so by putting it on the invitation, or making a small note of it over the microphone at the beginning of the event. By now, people should know having your phone out at an event is rude, but just incase they don’t, a helpful reminder doesn’t hurt anyone. 

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