Four tips for cutting bachelorette party costs

Sarah Hansen

photo credit: pixabay

As spring comes into our lives, so does another season … wedding season, that is. Often times, many friends get married around the same time, and it’s possible to get asked to be in multiple weddings in the same season. What this means is that your friends could be dropping loads of money on your wedding and others. So, why not be a kind friend and try to be budget conscience when planning your bachelorette party? This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice doing every bachelorette activity you had in mind, it just means being smart when making the plans. Lucky for you the Huffington Post has a few ideas on how to do so. 

Start here when planning a budget-friendly bachelorette party:


Be smart when booking traveling plans.

This applies especially with plane travel and rental cars. Plan the party early enough in advance, so your friends can book the tickets early too and get discounts. When it comes to the hotel, some places may give you a discount if you book as a group. Also, try joining reward programs if you book the hotel as a block. Then, you can use points for future travel and hotels during the honeymoon. As for the rental cars, organize car pools so everyone doesn’t have to book cars.

Plan a daytime activity that doesn’t empty wallets.

Going out with your girls during the day is a great way to bond and relax before the evening shenanigans begin. If the bride loves being outdoors, try going for a hike and having a picnic with a scenic view. If you plan on traveling somewhere warm, then why not spend the afternoon lounging by the pool? Plenty of relaxing and inexpensive activities exist, you just have to plan ahead.

Start your evening festivities at home.

Why not skip spending money on expensive alcohol at the bars and begin the pre-game at home? Honestly, this is probably the best way to save money on the entire weekend. You can make the pre-game feel special with a signature cocktail special to the bride, and you can even plan some scandalous games that could only be played at home.  This is also the perfect opportunity for gift opening.

Use your negotiation skills.

Don’t be afraid to bargain with vendors or hotels. Request set menus at restaurants to make sure that meals stay in everyone’s budget. You can also tell bars and clubs that you are a bachelorette party, and usually they will waive entrance fees. It’s worth asking, right?

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