Four backhanded compliments engaged women are sick of

Sarah Hansen

(Photo credit: pexels)
(Photo credit: pexels)

The frustrating process begins the day you are engaged and it starts with backhanded compliments about your engagement. You see, some people around you become bitter when it comes to love, and your happiness will bother them.

To prepare for the attacks, Bustle compiled a list of some of the most popular condescending compliments for you to prepare for. 


“It’s about time!”

This sentence comes with two semi-rude connotations. First off, it suggests that you’re late to the marriage game, as if somehow you are behind in the race of marriage. Don’t let anyone make you feel like this. Life isn’t a race and amazing moments happen to everyone at different times. The second part of the comment may make you feel like the pre-marriage phase of your relationship wasn’t important at all. This idea simply is not true. That phase of your relationship is what got you to the point of engagement. Cherish it.

“I can’t believe you’re actually engaged.”

I think the offensiveness in this comment is pretty obvious. What about you makes it crazy to be engaged? Absolutely nothing. You don’t deserve to be treated as so. A soulmate is out there for everyone. Chances are the person who says this is extremely jealous.

“What took them so long?”

This question is very similar to the first one. It suggests that your relationship is moving much slower than anyone else. Although, so what if it is? Your partner and you took the time to get to know each other and to feel confident in your decision. Getting married and spending the rest of your lives with each other is a big deal after all.

“I could never…”

A statement that starts with the phrase, “I could never…” This phrase is flat out mean. It suggests that whatever you are doing is not cool, and the person would never do something so uncool as you. It may even suggest that what you are doing is wrong, and you should be ashamed of it. Don’t let this person rain on your parade.

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