Dozens of illegal grow operations busted across the Front Range

Capelli D'Angelo

Badge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).
Badge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).

Thursday local and federal authorities teamed up to issue search warrants to dozens of homes ranging from El Paso county to the northern provinces of Denver.

According to the Denver Post, the North Metro Task Force is taking the lead in this operation. Several homes have already been raided with at least two arrests made. Authorities have been in close contact with Gov. John Hickenlooper and his staff throughout this mission.


The investigation began to take down illegal drug traffickers in Colorado, and both the DEA and the task force are keeping quiet about facts surrounding the case. All search warrants issued have been sealed, and the district attorney claims officers will not be commenting at this time. 

Marijuana legislation varies from county to county. Some have initiated zoning laws, whereas others have enforced a plant count regulation. Most of the grow operations under investigation violated one or both of these statutes.

Some of these homes were discovered by the strong odor omitted from the plants during flowering cycle. To read more about the drug busts taking place all over the Front Range, check out the full story.

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