Medical marijuana bill gains approval in Florida Senate

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)
(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Monday, the Florida State Senate approved a measure 28-11 that would expand the current medical marijuana act. A bill passed in 2014 allows patients who suffer from epilepsy or cancer to treat their symptoms with cannabis oil.

The proposed measure, HB 307, would expand the current medical marijuana industry allowing more patients in need to treat their diseases with low-THC cannabis or with a cannabis delivery device. It will also give more focused framework for dispensary and grow operation regulations.


Additional conditions have been proposed to allow for more growers to enter the market, rather than large-scale nurseries, but this amendment was vetoed in the Senate. Last year, a similar bill was proposed to Florida citizens and gained 58 percent of voter support, just 2 percent shy of the requirement to pass the measure.

A survey taken by Public Policy Polling released March 1 found that roughly 65 percent of registered voters support this new medical marijuana policy. The bill passed in the House last week, the Senate yesterday and will now head to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk for veto or signature. To read more information about HB 307, see the full story.

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