Israel medical cannabis industry thrives after 10 years

Capelli D'Angelo

World map of annual cannabis prevalence (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).
World map of annual cannabis prevalence (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).

The idea of medical marijuana is modernizing in the U.S. as more states vote to legalize the drug in some form. What many do not realize is that many places around the world have managed medical cannabis markets for a long time.

Israel has been researching the effects of marijuana on patients for over 10 years. According to Asia One Your Health, many companies are enlarging their grow operations to meet the needs of a changing market.


“Look at what has happened in the past two years, the speed at which legalization of cannabis is advancing,” said Saul Kaye, head of the first Israeli incubator for cannabis industry startups. “We’re not going to miss this opportunity, and seeing what the first investors are putting on the table, we feel that it is going to be very big.”

Since the drug is not legal for recreational use, and selling it across Israel borders is not permitted, growing businesses hope the world will turn to them for the most developed research on cannabis.

The program is not intended to heal patients, but to alleviate their symptoms. To read more about companies managing grows as large as 50,000 plants, see the full story.

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