Illegal pesticide use leads to more pot recalls in Colorado

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo Credit: YouTube)
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Thursday state marijuana regulators announced a massive marijuana recall after MGI Inc. was alleged of treating crops with illegal pesticides, according to the Denver Post.

The cultivation sites in question are operated by Kindman, and several strains have been found to be tainted by chemicals harmful to ingest. The state is calling it a public and health safety advisory. 


The state Department of Agriculture has been investigating grow operations to test for dangerous pesticide use after Gov. John Hickenlooper issued an executive order in November.

Ryan Fox, the owner of MGI Inc., is challenging the recall and claims that his company never used the illegal chemical they are being accused of.

“We believe the test process is faulty and that the Colorado Department of Agriculture has potentially cross-contaminated our samples during testing,” Fox said.

Fox hopes the challenge will result in a release of the inventory currently being held by the state. To read more about the recall, see the full story

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