Bottoms up: At-home guide to snow day cocktails

Ashley Haberman

Is school or work canceled? Not to fret. Snow days provide the perfect opportunity for an at home day drink … or two. Whether it is while playing games or sitting by the fire, a warm cocktail can spice up a day where pretty much anything goes. Here is a simple and delicious guide to homemade snow day drinks:

  1. Hot Toddy: Steep some chamomile or earl gray tea in hot water, 1 tablespoon honey, squeeze of lemon wedge (or splash of lemon juice), 4 whole cloves put into the flesh of the lemon, cinnamon stick (optional) and 1 shot of your favorite whiskey or bourbon.
  2. Orange bourbon tea: Pot of hot water, a few glugs of bourbon, squeeze of lemon, half an orange (squeezed), spoonful of honey and fresh ginger (optional).
  3. Bourbon spiked hot chocolate: packet of hot chocolate (or milk with chocolate chips or syrup), Kahlua (optional), shot of whiskey or bourbon, whip cream, dash of cinnamon (optional).
  4.  Spanish Coffee: Glass of hot coffee, shot of Kahlua, shot of rum, whiskey or bourbon, splash of cream (optional), whip cream, cinnamon and/or nutmeg (optional) and any other sweetener you like in your coffee!

These classic cocktails are the perfect addition to any free day, and will give an added kick to the warm and fuzzy snow day activities. 


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