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There is a gap in the alternative lifestyle community, and it has to do with representation.

If you google “Alternative” and click styles or lifestyles as the search category, there are three solid pages of fit or skinny caucasian men and women. There are no people of color. There are no people that are above a size 6. It is almost as if the only alternative scene members with any traction are models.


Enter the alternative plus size models. These 11 women are breaking the scene stereotypes, bending the roles and climbing the walls to be seen in a community that is becoming more and more Barbie-esque. They are diverse, they are beautiful, and they are here to make a scene.

“We have inarguably come a long way when it comes to the world of plus-size fashion, considering how much it has blossomed and thrived in recent years,” says Courtney Mina,a fashion blogger at Bustle. “This means that gals everywhere now have the ability to get experimental, and dress in alternative fashions. The time to properly express ourselves through a love of all things sartorial has arrived.”

“In my experience, plus-size fashion has never really followed the “norm,”” says Mina. “Most of us can remember the days when we struggled to simply find clothing that would fit us, let alone stuff that was sexy, fun, and (heaven forbid) expressed our personality and style. We’re finally being embraced by the fashion industry, social media, and maybe even the mainstream. Instead of being forced to get creative when it comes to finding apparel that fits, we can now get creative in our personal style.””

So without further ado, here is the list from of thier favorite Alternative Plus Sized Models.

Binky Lastrange

Absolutely itching to do another shoot !

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Flossy Lox

Beep Beep 🚘

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Darling I Know


Fatty Boom Tatty

Pamper and Curves

New plus size outfit post. I review a fab pair of jeans by @yoursclothinguk link to post in bio

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Katana Fatale

@chubbycartwheels summer collection 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

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Studio Mucci

Saturday got me feeling like… ✨💖😆💖✨. Check out my #wildfox #plussize #lookbook video for more 😁.

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Alyssa Panda Eyes

Aussie Plus Size Barbie

All my +SIZE BARBIE’S say heyyy 💁🙋 skirt by @simplybeusa shirt by me 😁

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Rainbow Chatmen

🌈 I always gotta stop by @thecobrashop and pick up some goodies when I’m in LA. 😍 Dress: @isolatedheroes

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Hailey Zombie


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