Why running is the best way to exercise

Katy Mueller

Ugh, running.

I know, I know, every body loves to hate on running. It seems quite miserable, and I admit, sometimes it does feel quite miserable.


On a particularly long run, I have found myself wondering why I choose to put myself through such misery. But, then I get home and the pain goes away and I remember why I love it so much. Besides, the fact that it is amazing for your heart and lymphatic system (what flushes toxins out of the body), it is also one of, if the not arguably the number one, leading form of exercises for burning calories. However, I am not here to tell you about why it is so healthy, because I am sure you already know that.

I am here to explain the other benefits of running that you may not have thought of.


1.It is quite possibly the cheapest form of exercise

Forget a pricey yoga or cycling pass, if you have athletic shoes and comfy clothing that you don’t mind sweating in, then boom! You’re ready to go. That’s all you need, those two things are your ticket to getting a great workout in.



giphy-12.It is the most convenient form of exercise

All you have to do for this workout is put on shoes and get out the door. You can run anywhere, for any length of time, and the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere but your good ol’ neighborhood to do it. No driving to the gym, no specific times you have to meet for group classes and no need to take a bunch of time trying to look good for the other people working out.

giphy3.It is really nice me-time


With work, school and a social life (yeah right, who even has time for all three), it’s hard to have a little private time to just be alone and disconnect. But, going on a run, especially by a park or some sort of natural area, is a great way to ground yourself and take a breather. Some runners call it “active-meditation” because once you can find your rhythm during a run, it’s nice to just let the mind go blank. I personally find that if I have something on my mind, after a good run, I always can come back and think it out with a refreshed perspective.

Honestly, running is an amazing way to exercise for all of it’s various health benefits. But, it is so amazing for all these other reasons as well. Give it a try and don’t be afraid to start slow! Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get in the groove, but once you do it’s so worth it. 

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