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Yoga is definitely something that has a large learning curve. If you’ve ever been to a class, it seems like everyone is already fit, toned and flexible. You are sweating in the corner, struggling to get into all the positions, and there is that girl in the front that seems to floating just above your mat. To make matters worse, there was a trend to post pictures of chubby girls in yoga pants or poses for the sole purpose of teasing them, saying that yoga was not for “fat girls.”

Here to break all the stereotypes and spread body positivity in the yoga field is the Fat Yogini. Lisa, the Fat Yogini, runs a vlog, blog and online diary of her journey as plus-size yogini. She is all about body positivity, doing what makes you happy, and loving yourself the way that you are now.


Lisa (via Fat Yogini)

I was that girl,” expressed Lisa on her My Story page. “I was the girl who hid in the back of the classroom. The one who stood in the back at dances. The one who wanted to fit in, to be popular, to be crushed on, to be liked. I was the girl who preferred books to people – because books were nicer.  I was the girl from the dysfunctional family who felt out of place and alone. I was the girl who was bullied. The one who told the teachers that the bully was “just teasing” and laughed it off because to tell was to be bullied even worse. I was the girl that was afraid. Afraid to be seen. Afraid to stand out. I was the girl who was afraid to say no. I was the girl who wanted to feel pretty. I was the girl who couldn’t be bothered to get into any of the things the other girls were into. I was the girl who could care less about fashion or makeup or making an effort about my appearance because it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I was the girl who felt unworthy. Who felt like she would never belong. I was the girl who became a woman who gave and gave, and got hurt over and over. I was the woman who put up with poor treatment from friends and partners and lovers because it was “the best I could do”. I was the woman who thought any love was better than no love, even if it came at a price. I was the woman who dreamed of white picket fences and pretty white dresses and fairytale happy endings but who believed it would never actually be possible. But then, all of that began to change.”

The Fat Yogini (via Fat Yogini)

It’s a site full of positive messages, motivation, and love. I encourage all readers who are looking for some peace of mind this Body Acceptance week to go look at her blog. She definitely goes against the grain to live an alternative lifestyle and be 100 percent her, and she is a good role model to have.

Have you ever had the yoga blues? Do you think what she is doing is brave or crazy? Let us know in the comments!!

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