The Alternative to the “New You”

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There is a cliché that seems to have been taken under the microscope as of late: the “New Year, New You” trend. I can see the disdain; why change because of a specific date when you can make a change whenever you want? It’s a valid point: you can change at any given time, and you will, over time. However, I personally think that the idea of making and pursuing New Year’s resolutions is endearing and optimistic. It is people putting out their truest intentions and imagining themselves at their best, even if their goals can be somewhat unrealistic or dumped the next week. It is just thousands of others, looking up for a brighter future.

Now, here is the caveat: It’s now February. The New Year has come and gone. So, for those against the “New Year, New You” challenge, guess what? It’s your time now. You cannot blame the New Year’s cliché for your lack of ambition, you cannot hide behind the trend followers, it’s time to buck up or shut up. So, to help you think of some fun new ways to change it up, I have made a list for you.


The Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

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1. Dye your hair

This one seems to be on everyone’s mind at one time or another. In the words of the great Shia LaBeouf, JUST DO IT. Always wanted to be a brunette? Go for it. The bleach blonde or silvery grey trend tickling your fancy? Do it, it’ll be awesome. Want to get Ariel’s hair to match your black rim glasses? It’s your time. Just go to the nearest beauty salon, they have the best selection of hair colors in every shade and hue, from natural hair colors to every color of the rainbow. Their sales associates are also very knowledgeable and will help you get everything you need for cheap, and they’ll even tell you what to do when you get home to get the color you want without the mess.

2. Use your bling to motivate you

Weight loss is the number one goal of all people when it comes to New Years, but the chances are most people won’t pan out with their ambitions. However, you’re late to the game, so the gyms should have calmed down and all of the weightless experts and diet fanatics have already shared all their information for the new year, giving you the perfect gold mine of opportunity. The biggest thing is the motivation to get out there and do it. So, link your goal with some bling or body art that you want. You know that tattoo you always wanted on your back but thought you had too much fluff? Or, that belly ring you thought would look cute but not on your pooch? Use it as your goal. As soon as you hit that fitness goal, go get that thing. It also allows you to have time to look, get educated and be certain about the body art you want. Imagine how satisfying it will be, after six months of looking at that design through the window and sweating for it, to finally go in and get it. Talk about never regretting your body art.

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3. Overhaul your closet

You’ve always wanted that hipster-boho, ecofriendly style, and it’s time to walk the walk. The catwalk, that is. It’s the time of year where it’s the coldest outside, and often homeless shelters see a drop off of donations now that the holidays are over. Help someone in need, go get rid of the clothes that you don’t use or that you don’t want, and splurge a little with that left over holiday money or your book refunds and get yourself some cute things. Dressing the way you want can do wonders for your life, and it can really change your outlook and motivate you to continue making changes.

4. Listen to new music

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Music is something that affects everyone. It has been shown to influence our mood, our outlook and our life. So, expand within it. Go onto Spotify, scroll through the public playlists, and find something that looks interesting that is not really your style. Play around with it. You’ll find new bands to connect with, new lyrics to embrace, and maybe tap more into yourself.

5. Get in touch with yourself

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Self-care is everywhere right now, especially on Pinterest and Tumblr. One of my favorite parts of this trend is the rise of meditation. Meditation is a religious practice that has been Westernized, but it has been proven to have amazing health affects for participants. It can make you calmer, less stressed, more connected, and happier overall. There are even apps that let you do it on the go: on the train, in the library, in a car or Uber, anywhere. Just do your research and be respectful; give credit to the cultures and their practices in the way that is proper before calling yourself an expert or claiming it as your own. Cultural appropriation is often innocent, yet very damaging.



So, there you have it, my short list on how to mix up your new goals for your new self. If these ideas aren’t what you had in mind, there is a great article on cool health and wellness trends that are taking off, written by Yahoo Health. You can find the article here. Have any ideas? Share them in the comments!! I hope you all have a happy, safe, and weird February, and good luck with the new you.

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