Colorado gears up for the Cannabis Cup: UPDATE

Capelli D'Angelo

The Cannabis Cup was designed by Robin Ludwig in 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Cannabis Cup was designed by Robin Ludwig in 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growers all over the world are perfecting their strains in preparation for the 2016 Cannabis Cup. This will be the fourth annual 420 celebration in Colorado.

This year the festivities will be extended to encompass five days of stoner fun in Pueblo, Colorado.


Nugs of flower will be judged on THC content and appearance. There will be a first, second and third place prize awarded to the best Colorado plant, as well as, the best plant from anywhere in the U.S. They are rated separately based on type: indica, sativa or hybrid.

There will be a second competition to crown the dankest dab. Dab, also referred to as shatter or wax, is also available to sample. A complete list of last year’s winners can be found here.

Matt Jones, 24, attended the Cannabis Cup in 2014 and is excited to return this year.

“Mainly going booth to booth of companies I respect and/or know they have flame,” Jones said. “Finding new companies, tasting dabs and smelling flowers. Looking at glass that’s way too overpriced but amazing.”

Stay tuned, tickets are coming soon. For more information check out the Cannabis Cup website.


High Times has cancelled the 2016 Cannabis Cup. Event organizers decided time was too limited to organize and promote a quality event. For more information see the full story.

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