Boulder hosts annual Industrial Hemp Awards ceremony

Capelli D'Angelo

Hemp being harvested (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).
Hemp being harvested. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia.)

The second-annual Colorado Industrial Hemp Awards and Festival will take place at the Boulder County Fairgrounds March 5-6.

The event was organized to help educate farmers and other entrepreneurs on how raw materials and other products are created using hemp. It will take place in time to help growers prepare for the spring 2016 season.


Festival-goers will learn about new hemp legislation introduced in Colorado, how to overcome obstacles that farmers often encounter during a grow, plant production, processing techniques and so much more.

There will also be an awards ceremony to recognize individuals and companies that have helped the industrial hemp industry take off. This will include a Hemp Cannabinoid Competition to award the best hemp CBD concentrate, best hemp whole plant concentrate, best hemp product with CBD and highest cannabinoid level.

For more information on the event read the full press release. Click here to purchase tickets. 

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