U.S. Border Patrol seizes over 2,000 pounds of marijuana disguised as carrots

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Border Patrol Pipes and Drums Cap Badge
English: Border Patrol Pipes and Drums Cap Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drug smugglers disguised as carrot farmers almost fooled U.S. Border Patrol in Pharr, Texas Sunday. During a secondary inspection, officers discovered 2,493 pounds of marijuana stuffed into carrot shaped packages, according to CNN.

The trucks were flagged for a second search by the imaging inspection system, or the illegal contraband would have traveled over the border, into Texas. There were hundreds of real carrots mixed in with the fake ones to make the disguise more realistic.


Authorities believe that street value of the marijuana seized is around $499,000. The Department of Homeland Security is still investigating the case to determine where the cannabis came from, and where it was headed.

In November 2015 a similar case took place at the same border checkpoint in Pharr. Inspectors found marijuana and cocaine packed into boxes of carrots and cucumbers. To read more about the most recent bust, check out the full article.