Police illegally seize over $2 million in cash and cannabis

Capelli D'Angelo

The famous "black and white" LAPD po...
The famous “black and white” LAPD police cruiser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

York County police pulled over three men Dec. 29, claiming to have witnessed a traffic violation. According to the Denver Post, around 250 pounds of marijuana were confiscated.

Attorney Tom Kearney said the drug bust was planned by enforcement officials, and that the York County Drug Task Force had been investigating the operation these men were involved in.


​”One has to be both saddened and angry when you hear of something like this,” Kearney said. “The work that is done by the task force and police officers in general is very dangerous work, and it is made more dangerous by the fact that occasionally there is a bad apple in the barrel.”

Christopher Heath, 37, Tyler Long, 31, and Ryan Falsone, 27 admitted to driving the marijuana from California to Pennsylvania. Once granted bail, the men posted a $1 billion bond, with the help of a Maryland bondsman. They will now face charges to from the comfort of their own homes.

There was also close to $11,000 in cash confiscated from the vehicle. The cannabis was destroyed in an incinerator, as it was illegally purchased. The cash still remains in police custody for investigation.

Whether the crime committed is worth punishment is for the judge to decide, but searching under illegal circumstances should not be tolerated. To read more about the issue, check out the full story.