One step closer to onsite marijuana consumption in Denver

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Legal medical marijuana clinic, Canna...
English: Legal medical marijuana clinic, Cannabis Medical Technology at 762 Kalamath Street, Denver, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two Colorado lawmakers have teamed up to draft a new measure that would allow people in Colorado to consume marijuana in designated public areas.

According to The Gazette, democratic Rep. Jonathan Singer announced Thursday that the bill is still in its preliminary stage, but him and his partner are considering many different options.


Kit Roupe, a republican representative, will help Singer write the measure, which could also legalize consumption in medical and recreational dispensaries.

The two are still working out the logistics, but the bill could also include a clause allowing people to obtain memberships to pot clubs. It is designed to give tourists a place to legally smoke besides the few hotels that have recently allowed recreational cannabis use.

“Everyone agrees there is a problem,” Singer said. “Tourists come to Colorado, buy our marijuana, and we say ‘by the way don’t smoke it in the hotel, don’t smoke it on the street, don’t smoke it in bars … and make sure you consume it before you leave the state.'”

Once the bill is no longer in its preliminary stage, it will be given a proper title and introduction to the public. To read more about the new measure, check out the full article.