New plant count regulation disappoints Pueblo caregivers

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Maturing wild marijuana plants (Canna...
Maturing wild marijuana plants (Cannabis sativa var. ruderalis Janisch.; syn.: Cannabis ruderalis Janisch.) and Atriplex tatarica (L.) on a private driveway in Saratov city, Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting Jan. 1 Pueblo County will be enforcing a new measure regulating the number of plants caregivers can grow for their patients.

According to KRDO News, Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace explained the new rules these growers will abide by.


“I think there’s proper places for large-scale cultivations, and there are improper places. People should not have large-scale cultivations in their basements and in their garages and residential communities,” Pace said.

Many caregivers have established operations out of their homes, servicing several medical marijuana cardholders, even dispensaries. These grows exceed the new limit, leaving an ultimatum: relocation or downsizing.

Members of the marijuana industry believe this will cause an influx of caretakers in the market. Others are disappointed in the increased enforcement, which has led them to a less profitable business.

Pace believes there are around 3,000 caregivers in Colorado who do not follow state regulation. New laws in Pueblo will lead law enforcement officers to investigate residences based on complaints received at the local police station.

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