Medical marijuana patients in St. Louis have a place to do business

Capelli D'Angelo

Location map of Illinois, USA
Location map of Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At noon on Monday the first medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois will debut at a grand opening, according to Fox News. The state decided to legalize the drug for medical purposes in November as part of a four-year pilot program, but locations to purchase the treatment have been scarce.

HCI Alternatives was the first dispensary to legally open in the St. Louis-area, even though the shop itself is in Collinsville. A second shop is set to open in Sauget, and more will open as entrepreneurs establish their businesses plans.


So far the state has issued 23 licenses, 60 is the maximum number of locations they will certify during the pilot program. Of the businesses approved, 17 plan to manage indoor grow operations as well.

As more dispensaries open in Illinois, authorities will begin to see the effects on the black market. To read more about the changing marijuana industry, check out the full story.