Medical marijuana helps patients lean off prescription pill abuse

Capelli D'Angelo

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English: Vicodin tablets Italiano: Pillole di Vicodin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recent report from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that America is experiencing a drug epidemic. The overdose toll remains zero for pot smokers, and medical marijuana is proving useful helping drug users break bad habits.

In 2014, 25,760 people died from abusing prescription pills. These medications are legal, and more prescriptions are written daily. If abused and taken at unhealthy dosages, there are terminal long term effects.


Some patients are choosing to obtain green cards to treat symptoms naturally. This can only occur in the 23 states that there are active medical marijuana markets.

Jim McMahon, football player for the Chicago Bears, claims marijuana has helped him lean from his prescription pill addiction.

According to ABC News, he has suffered countless injuries throughout his football career. To ease the pain he is prescribed several opiate-based medications.

“I don’t smoke all day long you know. It’s usually in the morning. Mornings are rough trying to get up out of bed,” McMahon said. “It’s been quite a few years so I don’t feel it impairs me at all. I can still function, still talk to people, do whatever I got to do.”

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