Medical marijuana for sale in New York

Capelli D'Angelo

Map of New York State Route 25.
Map of New York State Route 25. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eight dispensaries opened in New York Thursday to launch the new state medical marijuana program, Compassionate Care NY. According to Pulse Headlines, these businesses have strict inventory rules to abide by.

Each dispensary must have an underground safe to store their inventory. This safe may only hold a 30 day supply of cannabis related products at a time.


Every medical marijuana cardholder, grow operation and dispensary is issued a license from Compassionate Care. So far, five grows have been licensed and are currently producing product for these dispensaries to sell.

If a patient is diagnosed with a severe illness on the state regulated list, they have an option to treat it with medical marijuana products. These patients are considered to be in critical condition. They are treated with various strains of cannabis oil to ease pain or reduce seizure episodes.

To learn more about the list of severe illnesses, check out the full article.