Judge removes governor from case filed opposing legal Colorado marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

Seal of Pueblo County, Colorado
Seal of Pueblo County, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite what the world might think, Colorado is not full of hippies spoking pot. Plenty of people have migrated to enjoy recreational use of the drug, but there are strong opposers of legalization.

Safe Street Alliance filed two lawsuits last February, both challenging the constitutionality of Amendment 64. According to the Denver Post, the case charged Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado and the Head of Revenue at the Pueblo County Police Department. There were other various agencies and officials listed as defendants in the case too.


Last week a federal judge removed the governor and other defendants from the case, continuing to ignore a clear violation of the Supremacy Clause. Safe Street Alliance will appeal the case, but has not disclosed what evidence will be used.

The case was filed after plans were drawn to construct a dispensary and grow operation in Pueblo known as Rocky Mountain Organics (RMO). There is already an established branch of RMO in Golden, Colorado.

“It’s pretty clear it was a frivolous lawsuit being pushed by an ideological agenda, and the net result is it costing Pueblo County taxpayers time and money to fight it,” said Sal Pace, Pueblo County commissioner.

So far the case has cost the county around $100,000 in court and attorney fees. To read more about the judge’s decision, check out the full story.