Florida residents will vote on medical marijuana in November

Capelli D'Angelo

English: An ounce of Green Crack bought from a...
English: An ounce of Green Crack bought from a dispensary in California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2014 Florida lawmakers proposed a bill that would legalize the medical use of marijuana for patients diagnosed with severe conditions. According to the Bradenton Herald, 700,000 Florida residents signed a petition to get legal marijuana back on the ballot this year.

“This November, Florida will pass this law and hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering people will see relief,” said John Morgan, a lawyer in Orlando. “What Tallahassee politicians refused to do, the people will do together in this election.”


A couple of years ago the state legalized a medical form of the drug that gives the patient a low dosage of THC, for a euphoric effect. The new legislation would allow a full medical marijuana market to be implemented statewide, including grow operations and dispensaries.

The goal is to allow patients with terminal illnesses to smoke cannabis and grow a personal supply. For more information about the new Florida marijuana bill, check out the full article.