Denver adjusts to the booming marijuana industry

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Legal medical marijuana clinic, Canna...
Legal medical marijuana clinic, Cannabis Medical Technology at 762 Kalamath Street, Denver, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the newly legalized industry is settling down in Denver, there are many areas becoming overpopulated with marijuana related businesses. According to the Denver Post, neighborhoods with minority or low-income residents have noticed the most.

In Denver there are 633 marijuana licenses. These are dispersed between growers, bakers, producers, processors and pot shops. Majority of these establishments, 85 percent, work to cultivate and sell the inventory.


It all started with the legalization of medical marijuana. Caregivers saw a profitable future, and went for it. Now that the recreational market is taking off, these business owners are either selling to all customers or just med card patients.

Selling marijuana recreationally is much more profitable for not only the dispensary, but for the state too. Without a medical license the price of a gram of wax or bud is almost double what it would be in a medical dispensary.

Now that dispensaries, that are licensed, have the option of selling cannabis and cannabis-infused products at twice the price, why would they ever look back? Simply answered; they won’t. Now there are an abundance of recreational dispensaries, 95 to be exact. There are also 327 dispensaries that sell both medical and recreational marijuana in the Denver area.

To read more about where dispensaries are located in Denver, or to see a full detailed map, check out the Jan. 3 edition of the Denver Post.