Colorado Springs considers a lower plant count limit for growers

Capelli D'Angelo

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Flag of Colorado Springs, Colorado. SVG image created by uploader based on image found at the North American Vexillological Association web site ( (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday the Marijuana Task Force suggested Colorado Springs lower its plant count limit for growers to 12 plants per person, according to KRDO News.

Currently, personal growers may produce and harvest up to 36 plants at a time. Authorities believe this number is too high, and is costing the town in property damage.


Commander of the Vice and Narcotics Unit, Sean Mandel, said that his team has busted grow operations way over the limit.

“We’ve found grows that had hundreds of plants,” Mandel said. “Most of the growers rent homes, and the owners have no idea what’s going on.”

The city is also hoping to lower the risk of other hazards by reducing the plant count. People who grow at home have to remodel an area so it is marijuana friendly, so to speak.

Sometimes this can take rewiring, changing the ventilation, setting up lights, storing chemicals necessary to grow and many other construction efforts. The task force has seen similar cases turn into mildew, mold, bug infestation and even carbon dioxide buildup.

The task force will develop a proposal ordinance at their meeting in two weeks. The City Council will review the revised measure in March. To read more about the issue, check out the full story.