Colorado launches pilot program testing marijuana breathalyzer

Capelli D'Angelo

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A senior police officer of the Hamburg police on assignment at Hamburg city hall, Germany.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every State Patrol field office in Colorado is now stocked with the new marijuana DUI device. According to the Denver Post, the device tests the driver’s saliva to determine if they have been smoking.

Since legalization, the state has been searching for ways to test whether a driver is high. In March, this new breathalyzer was launched in Colorado. It tests to determine if drivers are under the legal limit of 5 nanograms of THC.


State troopers all over the state have been asking drivers to participate in the pilot program.

“Sometimes people are glad to participate, and sometimes they want nothing to do with us,” said Major Steve Garcia, a member of the State Patrol training branch.

So far, 82 drivers have agreed to partake in the program and try out the new device, but none of their cases have been fully processed. Developers of the breathalyzer claim that it is too early to tell how a judge will react to its data.

Officers are being asked to evaluate the new devices to test how accurate, cost effective, safe and reliable they are in the field. To read more about the latest marijuana breathalyzer technology, check out the full story.