A Letter from the Writer: A New Beginning

Alternative Style (courtesy of Tumblr)

Dear Readers,

Here at AltLife, I have strived to bring you a recap of the news of alternative and weird lifestyles every week as I have stumbled across them. Usually I would let the story lead itself, and it would be heavily based off an article written by another news source. This style of writing is called “aggregation writing,” and many popular blogs online fall into this category.


However, we at AltLife have decided that there is so much more to cover and explore than what is already being covered by major news outlets. Therefore, we have decided to have longer, more in depth blog posts that cover a wider range of topics, and to have the blog posts be more thorough and less frequent.

So, in honor of the rebirth of this blog, I have decided to take it upon myself to redefine how we look at Alternative Lifestyles, and to look at how society has defined it within popular culture.

Alternative lifestyles are, as defined by Cambridge Dictionary Online, “a way of ​living that is ​unusual, ​especially when you ​choose not to have the ​type of ​home and ​job that is ​considered ​normal in ​modern ​society.”

Examples of these lifestyles for those living in the United States and extended territories may include: veganism, vegetarianism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, LGBTQ2A2 lifestyles, people who don’t have kids, people who don’t use traditional medicine, hipsters, hippies, the list goes on and on. If the action or group is not supported as being a part of common culture or everyday society, it can be considered alternative.

In an effort to tackle all of these groups and identities in a thorough way, I will be making themed weeks, where I will have between three and five posts on a single topic or group. I will look at different aspects of the group, different trends going on within the group, or anything interesting or unique about it and highlighting it through these articles.

The goal is to expose my readers to as many different viewpoints and lifestyles as possible, so that they can both learn, grow, and discover an entire range of lifestyles. If you have any ideas for me for future themes or topics, feel free to comment or interact with me here. I would love to take suggestions.

Thank you so much for your patience during this transitional phase of the blog, and I cannot wait to create something new and one of a kind with you all.


Sarah Ross
AltLife Blogger