Drug testing for jobs increases with the support for legalization

Capelli D'Angelo

As authorities in America slowly ease up on punishing misdemeanor criminals with marijuana possession offenses, prospective employers sure aren’t.

According to the Denver Post, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released a survey sampling 623 managers to determine how employers view marijuana use in the workplace.


The director of the SHRM survey program, Evren Esen, believes this problem has always existed, and that legalizing marijuana has not led to a drastic affect on the amount of people using the drug.

“There is what I consider to be a significant number of employers that are saying they wouldn’t hire an employee that uses marijuana,” Esen said.

States that have legalized recreational weed have not shown much mercy either. Of the companies surveyed in these states, 39 percent claim they enforce a policy that prevents their employees from using marijuana.

Over the past year, 21 percent of these companies report they had three or more incidents where an employee violated that policy.

Some of these employers will not only prohibit personal use, but restrict medical use as well. Luckily for Colorado stoners, only five companies in the state have reported they will increase drug testing.

To read more about the study, check out the full article.