Dairy in Arizona approved to grow medical marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Seven modern Dairy Crest milk bottles.
English: Seven modern Dairy Crest milk bottles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Casa Grande’s Sidewinder Dairy has been advertising more than just fine cheese and milk over the past few weeks. According to Fox News, the dairy will start growing medical marijuana to supply a dispensary in Mesa.

To start, the growers had planned an outdoor operation. Now that a plan is finalized, the dairy has decided an indoor grow will serve patients higher quality marijuana.


The committee also agreed that for security reasons, and to keep children out, an indoor grow makes the most sense. Outdoor grow operations limit budtenders from harvesting more than once a year, and the light cycle cannot be perfected.

Although cost of electricity must be considered at an indoor grow, the increase in product yield makes up for it. The dairy will use the existing 9,650 square foot building that is already on the property to grow the plants.

The measure was approved by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors 3 to 2, allowing the business to begin growing medical cannabis for one year. Then a review of the application, and permit, will take place to reevaluate the effects on the community.

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