Cops catch up to trending stoner habits

Capelli D'Angelo

2oz of hashish oil
2oz of hashish oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For someone who smokes in Colorado, dabs are not exactly news. Dabs are a concentrated form of THC, sometimes referred to as wax or shatter.

Over the past few years, authorities have been learning more about the concentrate, sometimes called hash, and fear its popularity, according to The Washington Post.


Although the easily concealable, more discreet form of marijuana intimidates law enforcement officials, medical marijuana patients have experienced immediate relief.

“Shatter and other concentrated cannabis products give a stronger, more immediate effect and have shown to have great benefits with a variety of medical conditions because of the quick-acting nature of inhalation or vaporization,” said Ry Prichard in a cannabis blog.

These concentrates are legal in Colorado and Washington, two states exercising a new right to use marijuana recreationally. The problem is, the drug can’t seem to stay within state borders.

Officials believe that blasting hash at home is becoming more and more popular, and the statistics would have to agree. There has been a significant increase in home explosions in Colorado due to homemade dab operations.

Hash sold on the streets is not safe or tested, and most of them contain an unhealthy amount of butane. Shatter or wax bought off the streets is usually less potent then a gram you would find at a dispensary. It is also cheaper. This fact alone is what guarantees the black market eternal life.

As long as the black market is thriving, drugs will be illegally transported across state lines. To read more about hash busts all over the country, see the full story.