Colorado dispensaries build inventory to attract tourists

Capelli D'Angelo

For tourists who travel to Colorado for the experience of recreational marijuana, a disposable hash pen might be the best option. According to the Denver Post, users will save money and smoke more conveniently.

If a product like this was created and pushed to the market, suppliers would charge around 20 t0 25 dollars per pen. Each pen would be loaded with 100 milligrams of THC.


On average, this is about one-tenth of a gram of hash mixed with polyethelene glycol to control the harshness of the dab. For more experienced dabbers, this does not sound like too great of a deal. Especially considering the weed rates Coloradoans see in local dispensaries.However, a simple way to smoke hash that can be disposed of safely and legally sounds great to most traveling stoners.

O.penVape, the company who is advertising a need for this product, describes the pen as very small, and conveniently stashable. O.penVape offers a full line of vaping products, as well as a limited glass selection. For the month of December, the company will be hosting an online sale as smokers prepare for gifting season.

Whether you choose to participate or not, vaping is becoming more popular all over the world. To read more about O.penVape, and the future of dabs, check out the full article.